On Track To AP & Honors Courses (Via the Imagination) !!

On Track To AP & Honors Courses (Via the Imagination) !!
Summer 2010

Each workshop comprises six hours total and includes writing and review time. Each session is 1 hour and 30 mins, over four days. Qualifying work will be submitted for publication.


  • Email info@writersstudioworkshops with name, age and course selection.
  • Checks to be made out to Naazish YarKhan and mailed to 1146 Coventry Circ. Glendale Heights, IL 60139.
  • Classes have a minimum student requirement in order to be held.
  • Please email info@writersstudioworkshops.com for traveling / online workshop rates.


    Cost: $180.00. Cost: $199 ( Lisle)

Venue: Local Library

Session A: July 26 - July 29. M - TH
9:45 am to 11:15 am

Session B: August 2 - 5. M-TH
10:30 to 12:00 pm

Session C: Aug 9 - 12. M-TH
10:30 to 12:00 pm

Returning Families: M-TH. Cost: $170. Lisle $189.00
Second Sibling Discount or One Subsequent Workshop discount for New Families: $10.

Novel Manuscript Consultation/Semi-Private / Online Workshops:Please email info@writersstudioworkshops.com for rates.

Workshop Descriptions

Completed Works are Submitted for Potential Publication.

Timings subject to change depending on attendance. Little Shakespeare: Ages 6 - 8.

Sounds, tastes, sights and smells all stir associations and

memories. The scent of damp earth after summers first rains, the image of Lake Michigan frozen over, the feel of Chicago winds whipping around us, grass underfoot, the smell of freshly washed laundry, the rustling of wind through trees. Experiment with wacky, wonderful, funny ways to use the five senses to recreate a place, time and mood in your stories.All workshops involve writing techniques used by professional writers, findings of brain-based learning and research on child development. Check out our student writing samples!

Aspiring Tweens: Ages 9 - 11 /

Aspiring Authors : Ages 12 Plus

Looking to enrich your child’s critical thinking and writing skills for benefits across the curriculum? Or interested in working on college essays? Join us at the Writers Studio. Hone your flair for writing through interactive and multi-sensory exercises, story-writing, dramatizations and creative visualization. We enter competitions, submit work to NPR and more! Participants workshop their writing together and learn from feedback.

Fire up your imagination and bring your writing materials or laptop.All workshops involve writing techniques used by professional writers, findings of brain-based learning and research on child development. Check out our student writing samples!

Child Prodigy: Ages 4 - 5 with adult.

Set your little authors off to an early start as they dictate their stories and poems. Together, we'll mix fantasy and words about clouds drifting past and shadows playing hide-n-seek; about things that go beep, woof, woof, vvvvroom and chug-a-chug-a; and about what makes us oh-so- happy, sad or just Very, Very MAD!!!!!All workshops involve writing techniques used by professional writers, findings of brain-based learning and research on child development. Check out our student writing samples!

The Pulitzer ( rates determined per project)Ages 13 - Adults

Three tier coaching for students interested in working on a manuscript and getting published, either through print-on-demand or traditional publishing houses.Hours and rates vary with project.

Parent – Child Journaling Club ( Ages 8 - 12) 5 sessions in all.

(Each workshop covers a different theme)

Write about the exact same experiences and how you reacted to it, in your day and age. Learn about the other in a way that tugs at your heart. See how much you have in common with your daughter or mother. See each other in a more vulnerable light and strengthen your bonds to last many lifetimes. During each workshop, mothers and daughters contribute pages to a co-journal and share their feelings, laughter, funny thoughts, prayers, hard-won victories, first heartbreaks. Each workshop has a different theme !

More Great Feedback- What are Parents and Educators Saying About the Workshops?

We love the writing workshops and the emphasis you place on getting published, reaching for the stars and building confidence in one's abilities. We appreciate that as much the impact the workshops have on school grades. Thank you for inspiring our high schooler, middle schooler and 2nd graders! - Forest Glen, Hadley and Glenbard West Mom, Michaela Soane

I'm overjoyed to be published in Teen Ink (six pieces were accepted)! I wasn't able to this summer but I missed it so much. Thanks so much for all your help and advice in writing class, I truly couldn't have done it without you! I would really love to start up writing class again when school begins! - Maura Zindler.

Avery is truly enjoying her time with you and the girls. She is newly inspired to write!! I love seeing her so excited. - Susan Kiker.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement this past year. You are a wonderful teacher and without your guidance, I would not have motivated myself to publish my poems...Love, Katy E.

Thank you so much for your wonderful writing instruction. (We) got a lot out of our sessions. I'll definitely consider continuing in the Fall ! Publishing and contests were always something I wanted to do but never came close to making happen. Bailey's writing portfolio would never have had as many pieces in it nor would those pieces be nearly so good were it not for your workshops. She's enjoying her writing journey thanks to you, and it's been fruitful thanks to you. We are grateful.
- Cheers, Jenifer Bystry

Best practice in education dictates that we do so by providing choice, encouraging the pursuit of topics that hold great personal interest, and time - time to practice, time to ponder, time to seek the perspective of others, time to tell the story. The Writers Studio workshops are guided by these principals and designed to create a safe place where our children can develop learning relationships with others as they pursue their passions and yearn to tell their story. We need to give our children the time, the respect, and the guidance that the Writers Studio writer's workshop provides..
- Lynn Bruno, Language Arts Teacher, Hadley Middle School, Glen Ellyn.